Noori started her journey into health and wellness when as a mother of two small girls, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor appending to her womb
that grew to the size of a newborn baby. She went on to study many healing modalities in which she embarked on an amazing discovery of emotional, physical, and biological healing that lead her to overcome her cancer without chemotherapy or radiation.

Through this incredible experience, she went on to become a powerful voice in radio and television media, in which over a period spanning almost two decades,
she has interviewed many great minds such as Dr. Demartini (International Human Behaviourist and Inspirational Speaker), Patrick Holford (author of over 30
bestselling books on nutrition and wellness), Spiritual Masters, Doctors, Environmentalist, Scientists, Politicians, Naturopaths to name but a few.

Being a woman of substance and formidable woman in her own right, Noori went to qualify as a practicing Emotional Stress therapist, self Development
Coach and Nutritional Consultant, for which she has been featured as a guest on DSTV, TOPTV, SABC, Cii Broadcasting, and other media.

Whilst having achieved being on both sides of the microphone, she aspires to educate and uplift and facilitate individuals on their own personal transformation to
maximize their potential and manifest their hearts desires, whilst breaking through their own emotional and physical challenges.

In her quest for knowledge and answers, she has traveled over 20 countries, whilst being a student of some of the top international Self Development
Coaches such as Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Bob Proctor, Dr. Demartini to name but a few, during which included her successfully achieving “The
Firewalk” at Anthony Robbins “Unleach The Power Within” event in London (UK). Noori has also completed a 3-week excursion through the Himalaya Mountains
of Nepal, reaching up to 12,000 ft, of which the climax was to reach a point of being in full view of Mount Everest. Another of Noori’s many achievements, was potholing 40ft underground in New Zealand, before walking for two and a half hours through an underground river the temperature of fridge water and heavily populated with one-meter eels!

Noori’s travels also took her far and wide to meet with a great spiritualist, during which time she took the opportunity to research and study universal principles.
Having found herself compelled to overcoming her fears and develop the courage to face any situation that life presented her through understanding, supporting, and developing essential life skills tools. She then implements this by educating and supporting others to find solutions to the many aspects of their own life
challenges. Her vast experience and insight also inspired her to present her own TV Show on CTV (Cape Town TV).

Noori is a featured author and more recently has been published in the Odyssey Magazine August 2013 ( on “The 7 Dimensions to Managing Emotional
Stress”. In the December 2013 issue of Longevity Magazine, she has been featured in an interview as a leading expert in Emotional Stress in South Africa.

Noori has spoken to large audiences in London, South Africa, and New Zealand, as well as, presented Stress Management Workshops in the UK on behalf of
the “Stress Management Society of the UK”. Noori travels extensively in South Africa and recently visited Mauritius on a public speaking and media tour. Her
most recent engagement was a guest speaker on “Stress to Success” for The Business Women’s Association in Durban.

As a culmination of Noori’s varying experiences and expertise, she has also run her own residential Wellness Retreat in Cape
Town, SA. Noori currently lives between Cape Town and Durban and practices as an Emotional Stress Therapist/Coach and Nutritional
Consultant. She also presents a series of workshops on varying aspects of Emotional Stress and Self Development.