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"I am so delighted to have come to realise the underlying issues of my emotional eating disorder. I am now losing weight, exercising and no longer use food for comfort...thank you thank you...for opening my mind and heart to such wisdom! " Shireen, 27, CA, Durban, SA






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What prevents_you_from_having_what_you_want Defining what_you_really_want
There are only three things preventing you from having anything you want in your life:

A successful life for most people is based on two things:
1) You lack clarity about what it is you really want and compelling reason why

1) The Level of Acheivement or the ability to transform
it’s important to you.

dreams into reality to produce a desired result.
2) You are missing the proven tools and strategies to get there

2) The Level of Fulfillment and Satisfaction or the ability
3) There are conflicts between your emotions, desires and beliefs that cause

to experience joy in the process of whatever life brings; 
you to take one step forward and two steps back.You lack alignment in your

the power to understand appreciate, and enjoy our lives
psychology that will cause you to self sabotage.

at the deepest level. 

If you want to know where you are really holding yourself back and how to align with your own true deepest desires...
Noori Siddiqui will work with you to breakdown the underlying causes and break through to a new reality... that works for you!


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